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Funny fuse electric shock prank

Funny fuse electric shock prank

Possibly justified, since a device that inflicted lots of pain without significant physical injury would be useful for torturing someone you wanted kept alive. One example of this is the line "the music won't never stop" from the Chuck Berry version is changed to the line "the music will never stop" on both the Beatles and ELO versions. Her Clima-Tact a Weather-Control Machine in the form of a staff is a lethal weapon against most enemies that she faces Films — Animation In Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs , Flint attaches a jumper cable directly to a power line, shocking him for a few moments complete with X-Ray Sparks , but is none the worse by the next scene. And I Must Scream: Zigzagged as a buff in the Paper Mario series. Obviously a studio engineer wasn't quite fast enough on the knob and left this little bit in which still survives to this day!

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Funny fuse electric shock prank

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