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Ikuto funny

Ikuto funny

Ikki, to his credit, finds this highly disturbing and other characters note that her behavior is taboo. The arrival of the protagonist's Magical Girlfriend makes her intensely jealous and always vying for his attention. Her love may not be the same in nature as Akiha's but since she and her brother were used as a strong basis for Akiha and Shiki, it is likely that the "love for my brother" was carried over as well. The anime adaptation leaves it hanging; the last chapter confirms it. Genshiken pokes fun at this, with Sasahara, who actually has a sister, delivering the quote from the main page. What else can go wrong?

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Ikuto prank calls Amu

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Can Ikuto funny passport what he premeditated, or will his in order ikuto funny care first?.
Ikuto funny

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